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A library for computational chemistry.

Development workflow for goChem

goChem is developed in Github using Git. The workflow is a simpler version of the GitFlow model by Vincent Driessen. In particular, the "Hotfix" branch idea comes from there.

The following kinds branches are using for goChem development.

In summary: Feature branches start and merges from devel, devel merges from feature branches, master merges from devel.

Pull requests: Master does not, ever, accept pull requests. Feature branches, and devel are the only branches that do. Pull requests with new features are never accepted from clone devel branches, only from feature branches. Only bugfixes are accepted from clone devel branches. Some feature branches may not accept pull requests.

If the problem you encounter with goChem is trivial (for instance, a typo in the README file) do not submit a pull request. Simply email the developer.

For more info, e-mail the developer.

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